Golf Will Be Year-Round Activity in Rochester


If you are one of those golfers who also have their own local custom golf cart and every golfing technology tool ever made, then the golfing season simply isn’t long enough. Well, as the video attached shows, that is about to change. Rochester is a haven for golfers.

Video Source

In other words, Rochester is golf country and people in and around Rochester love the game. That is also why there is such a buzz about the new tracer technology that will now allow golfers to play all year. That’s right, now you can hit a bucket of balls or play a round, regardless of the weather.

With this new technology, golfers can now grab their clubs and gear, and a few friends to head out to their local range in Rochester for a round of golf. Tracer technology simulates every shot, and players can see their game in real-time on screen. Best of all, if it happens to be one of those sub-zero days in Rochester with 32 inches of fresh snow on the ground, that’s okay because you and your playing group will be nice and warm inside your heated stall. The tee box is now open, so hit ’em straight!.

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