How to Make Your Own Custom Shutters


It can be beneficial to make your own custom shutters in Rochester for many reasons. Shutters will look great and complete the aesthetic of any home, especially in Rochester where homes tend to look the same in different areas. Houses are made unique by their colors and accessories, and indeed no two houses are too similar once they are beautified in this way.

Video Source

In this video, you will learn how to build your very own shutters. These will look great on older houses in Rochester.

The shutters in this video are made out of wood, which is a versatile material. You will begin by cutting out the sizes you need. The video will explain the measurements used in this particular case and show you how to cut the wood. Once you have your pieces cut, lie three of them down next to each other. You can use paint sticks as spacers between them and clamps to hold them all together. Nail guns are also very handy when it comes to nailing some pieces together. Watch the video to see how to assemble your shutters.


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