Newspapers in Rochester Have Everything You Need


Rochester ny newspapers

When you mention Rochester newspapers to people, do they just nod and think that you are talking about the New York Times and the USA Today? For those not well versed in Rochester, they may just think that those are their options. And many times news snobs will think that those are the far superior of the newspapers to read. However, they could not be farther from the truth. When you talk about Rochester newspapers, you are talking about the real deal, actual Rochester NY newspapers that keep Rochester so well informed.

For your world, national, and a touch of local news, you should reach for the Democrat and Chronicle. In terms of big, full coverage newspapers, they should be your only choice. You have a sports section, entertainment, business, local, classifieds, and other newspaper standards for you every day. You can subscribe to them for Monday through Friday, just weekends, or whole week deliveries. And you get access to their full news site online.

If you like the news that the New York Times and USA Today have to offer, that same style of coverage and variety of content, then the Democrat and Chronicle should be your first choice. Even if you just get their weekend editions, the content is some of the best around, and it is worth every penny.

For predominantly local news, with an artistic flair to the content, that is when you should pick up the City Newspaper. This free gem is all local, all the time. They focus on such things as art, music, local events, food, beer, and food. They love their food at City Newspaper, and you will love them for it.

City Newspaper has perfected the art of taking all of the things that make Rochester unique and interesting, and presenting them in such a way that you cannot help but want to experience it all. Printed weekly, this little newspaper is where I go every time I want to know all about what is going on all over the city, and what great restaurant to try next.

No need to go to the standard, big names in news if you want the best coverage in Rochester. This lovely city has two of the best newspapers that you will ever get, and they are Rochester city companies. So, while you are getting great news coverage, you are also supporting local journalism establishments.

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