What Happens During a Drain Cleaning


As seen in the “DRAIN CLEANING – THICK Sludge Blockage – Drain Pros Ep. 60” clip, drain cleanings are vital for plumbing maintenance. Sewer cleaning flushes out the built-up sludge and gunk accumulated in your pipes. This can include old baby toys and other odd items flushed down the toilet.

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Sewer cleaning services usually vary in cost depending on the severity of your issue. The process takes around an hour and involves some low-level dismantling. A drain cleaning usually involves two tools, a snake and some high-pressure water. The snake is an auger that looks like a wire wrapped around a metal rod.

A plumber will feed this down your drain and hook it around whatever object blocks your pipes. The plumbing service experts will then pull it back up along with the clog. The high-pressure water jetting makes the most of your water’s pressure. The narrow pipe uses this force to push the junk out of your drain lines.

It usually looks like a small tube with a nozzle in it. You can also use a hose that you direct with a handle. Either way, ensure you blast anything stuck in your sewer line. When the drain clogs, it suddenly becomes slow to drain. It is advisable to contact a reputed sewer cleaning company when you experience a clogged drain.


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