What Is a Cupola and Why Might You Want One?


Cupola have been used in large buildings such as barns and churches for hundreds of years. Yet, you are likely wondering, ” What is an Amish cupola?” The answer to this question is quite interesting. Let’s take a look at what Cupolas are and why you should consider one.

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A cupola is a small structure that is built on top of a large building. They almost look like large chimneys from far away. In fact, they server a similar purpose. A cupola is made to vent warm air up and out of a large building in warm months to keep the inside of the building nice and cool. This works because the moving air is less dense than still air. This means that there is a negative density which pulls air inside the building toward the outside. The cupola simply provides a channel for this air to flow. It is strategically placed at the top of the building because warm air rises. Windows or vents in the cupola let the air escape to the outside. This keeps the inside much cooler. Not only do cupolas help keep your building cool, they are expertly crafted by the Amish and look magnificent atop your building.


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