Four Qualities That Make a Good Rochester Newspaper Overtake a Mediocre One


Rochester ny newspaper

Do you have a preference for which Rochester, NY newspaper you love the best? A lot of Rochester NY newspapers are excellent, so it may be a challenge to figure out which Rochester newspaper gives the best coverage or gets the job done the best. Read on for insight into what makes a good Rochester newspaper, and then decide whether you are reading a good one or whether you need to switch to a better one.

One: A good Rochester newspaper will give you the peace to read it on a Sunday when you sip your coffee. You get to keep up with the news at a leisurely pace, reading cool articles on people who are making a real difference in town, and keeping up with other related news that is either good or bad in nature. A good Rochester newspaper will broadcast the good with the bad and will be fair and accurate in all of its articles.

Two: A solid Rochester newspaper will have writers on staff who have dedicated their careers to writing excellent pieces. These writers ideally will have strong journalistic backgrounds, including degrees from reputable journalism based institutions. Of course, it sometimes can be difficult to get answers to the backgrounds these writers have and the educational institutions where they graduated, but you will see it in their writing. There is a stark difference between strong Rochester newspapers that hire good reporters and weaker ones whose reporters have less finesse with the pen or the computer.

Three: A strong Rochester newspaper will have lots of awards from national newspaper associations and regional ones too. Most papers in town will submit entries each year to be judged on a variety of categories, including news coverage, sports coverage, design and feature writing. It is pretty much par for the course across the industry, which is good because it inspires these papers to do more with what they have and to compete with others for recognition. The paper you read each day or each weekend ideally will have some of this recognition under its belt.

Four: A worthy Rochester newspaper will have strong web visibility too. You like to read the paper by holding it in your hands, but you also use the web too. Ensure the paper you pick has a very nice online component so you have two great ways to get your daily or weekly dose of the news.

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