How Some NY Heating Oil Companies Are Going Green


Heating oil is a product supplied by heating oil companies. Its customers range from small and large homes to apartment blocks with up to 100 individuals. Like all other industries, there has been a rally for heating oil companies to invest in renewable sources of heating oil.

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In the United States, one of the states’ leading this charge is New York.
According to the narrator in the video, bio heat has been vital in keeping them in business. The narrator attributes the drop in business to the bad rap that heating fuel has gotten in the past but believes that’s no longer the case thanks to renewable heating oil.
Green heating oil is better than gas and typical heating oil not only because it doesn’t pollute the environment, but it’s also safer. But like any other new product, patience is needed, and the suppliers need to market the product.
They also need to assure their customers that renewable heating oil is as good as typical heating oil but with the added advantages of no pollution and safety.

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