How to Choose the Best Deicing Salt in Rochester


The video starts with Mark telling Kevin that they will be talking about frozen driveways and frozen walkways, and the salts you can use to deice them. There are two ways of addressing frozen surfaces. You can use salts to melt the ice, or sand for traction. You will find a variety of deicing products being sold by a deicing salt supplier.

Rock salt is a cheap alternative for deicing frozen walkways and works fast to bring the temperature to zero degrees. Mark notes that you can get free rock salt from your local highway department.

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A calcium mix is also a great alternative for deicing. You can purchase this product from your local hardware store. Magnesium chloride is the pricier option, but it offers added benefits such as pet-friendly and environmentally-friendly features.

For traction, sand offers a simple but effective solution. While it doesn’t have any melting capabilities, the added friction will reduce slippage significantly. You can also combine rock salt and sand, or rock salt and calcium to get the best of both options.

This product works best on asphalt, but can be damaging on concrete. Visit your local deicing salt supplier today.


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