Positive Trends Publishers Of The Typical Rochester Newspaper Are Noticing


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Who says newspapers are dead? Just ask any publisher of Rochester ny newspapers, and they will point to a list of hints and tips that Rochester newspapers are here to stay, and that newspapers in general will not be leaving us anytime soon. So what specifically are these publishers seeing?

Reverse trend in advertising: Several years ago, when the market crashed and when companies were dying off by the day, advertising dropped to a record low for virtually every Rochester NY newspaper, as well as for virtually every newspaper across the country. However, after many years of trudging through and trying to survive these papers are noticing that advertising is starting to come back. This advertising, which most lucratively was in the real estate and classifieds areas, now is returning to its former glory, or as close as possible to it at least.

Increase in quality: It was not so much that the typical Rochester newspaper was resting on its laurels and just floating by, but a lot of the articles that were written did not have much meat to them years ago. But since these papers have had to scramble to get more subscribers and more advertisers to notice them and stick around, many have upped their quality quotient. And most every Rochester newspaper has noticed a very high increase in the quality of the content that is currently there with these articles. It could be from better training, from hiring better people, or from focusing on quality over quantity, but whatever it is it certainly is working.

Web advancements: Every single Rochester newspaper has its own proprietary website where articles are posted with regularity. And while this is not really all that new to the industry, since these articles were posted online long before the market crashed, recent advancements have made these articles better and more inviting. Between allowing for user and reader interaction and letting people post articles to social media pages, more chances than ever are starting to formulate for these papers. And most are taking full advantage of them to great effect.

Better partnerships: Nearly every Rochester newspaper has some affiliation with a larger parent company, but that is not really the point here. These relationships are more local in nature, allowing the typical Rochester newspaper to branch out and become a much stronger partner in the community. This idea of building relationships has allowed the average Rochester newspaper to fare very well.

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