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There are a whole lot of Rochester NY newspapers. I just moved here to Rochester and I was not sure which paper I should buy so I went online to search for a list of Rochester newspapers. I was very surprised. Which Rochester NY newspaper was the best for me? There were a ton. About Time, Campus Times, Cardinal Currier, Catholic Currier, City Newspaper, Daily Record, La Voz, Minority Reporter, NBC WHEC, Rochester Business Journal, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, Rochester Magazine, Topix, WHAM… The list goes on.

On one hand, I can see why there are so many newspapers. They cater to different audiences. Rochester newspapers are geared toward specific audiences albeit Catholic, Spanish speakers, minorities, students, democrats and other groups. While it is great that there is something for everyone, I was a little bothered by it too. If we were in a society that just read facts as news, then the news would be presented the same to everyone. At least, in an ideal world.

So instead of buying a subscription to one of the Rochester newspapers, I am going to buy my papers individually, and I will rotate which one I purchase. It will be a sociology experiment if you will. What will be different about them? Will it be the choice of stories covered? Will they differ in the angle they take covering the same stories? Or will the only difference be their advertisers? I kind of hope it is option C.

I hope I will be back here in a few weeks writing and raving about all the different Rochester newspapers and how none of the Rochester newspapers are biased at all and that the Rochester newspapers are written by the most wonderfully straightforward, unbiased news reporters ever. We will have to wait and see I guess.

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