What Can You Expect From a Bail Bond Service in Rochester


In lieu of paying the full bail amount, a defendant posts a bail bond cosigned by a bail bonds service.

To guarantee the defendant’s appearance at trial, the bail bond is used. Typically, bail amounts are established by the courts with considerable discretion.

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For their services, bail bondsmen typically charge 10% of the bail amount up the advance, with the possibility of further costs. In some states, the amount that can be charged is capped at 8%.

A judge typically holds a bail hearing for a person accused of a crime. The bail amount is at the discretion of the court. Because of the nature of the charges against the prisoner, a court may refuse bail or set it at an astronomical figure.

Bail amounts might vary widely from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, although judges typically have a lot of leeway in determining them. For example, bail for a non-violent misdemeanor offender might be set at $500. Due to the severity of felony accusations, bail can go as high as $20,000 or more.

The defendant’s options are to continue in jail until charges are settled at trial, secure a bail bond, or pay the bail sum in full until the case is concluded. Lastly, courts in certain countries recognize title to a property or other valuable collateral in place of money. To find out more, watch the video.

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