Setting Up Pre K for 2 Year Olds in a Rochester Classroom


The video below talks about Pre k for 2 year olds and everything that such centers have in their facilities. It touches on how the administrators set the learning centers up as well.

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One area that they set up in the learning center is the reading and writing area. It’s a separate room within the location where the children can focus on a special subject every day. They read with the teacher and then write about what they’ve read. There is also a training table in the middle of the room where the children practice building different things. Building blocks, cars, and little action figures are usually on shelves near the training table.

Pre k for 2 year olds

Another interesting area inside the learning center is the dramatic play area. This area is in the farthest corner of the room, and it’s where the children get to act out plays and play different parts to get a little bit of a theatrical experience.

The learning center also has a light table that the facilitators stock with items relevant to the current week’s theme. For example, black and white boxes or pieces will go on the light table if the theme is black and white for that week.

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