What Its Like in a Mordern Urgent Care Clinic


If it’s been many years since you stepped foot in an urgent care clinic, you might be surprised by how much they have changed. Urgent care facilities serve a unique niche in the medical field. They take patients they don’t have an established relationship of care with in order to meet their urgent needs. They have also stepped up as COVID testing facilities during these difficult times.

A modern urgent care clinic looks different than the clinics of the past.

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Instead of a bare-bones waiting area, these clinics often have comfortable seating options. They may also have charging stations for electronic devices so you don’t get bored or waste time while you wait to see a doctor. Some modern clinics also have snack or beverage options to enjoy while you wait.

The video on this page depicts one urgent care Covington, WA location that has upgraded its facilities to bring them up to modern standards. It has a calming environment in the waiting area and all of the amenities mentioned above.

The next time you’re at an urgent care clinic, see if you can find the ways they have transformed or modernized their waiting area.


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