The Resilience of the Print News Media


Rochester ny newspapers

Since the advent of the internet during the mid 1990s, online news media has grown in popularity, while print newspaper and magazines have lost thousands of subscribers. However, Rochester newspapers have proven resilient in the face of extinction. As such, rather than futilely rallying against the unstoppable force that is the internet, Rochester ny newspapers used the opportunity created by the internet to their advantage, and embraced it as a a new, shiny, streamlined news disseminating vehicle. Thus, Rochester newspapers, like many other print publications, developed companion websites, which served to provide their current customers with considerable convenience and much happiness.

As subscriptions to Rochester newspapers began to drop off in the wake of internet and online news, Rochester newspapers responded with an If You Cant Beat Em Join Em attitude. As such, their companion websites offered their customers everything that was available in their print newspapers, and so much more. However, a considerable obstacle that Rochester newspapers also had to overcome were the countless online newspapers, websites, and blogs that were available for free. Thus, Rochester newspapers overcame that obstacle by providing superior quality and journalism. Furthermore, Rochester newspapers also offered readers features that were not available from free news publications. For instance, a Rochester newspaper website will offer their online subscribers archives, which can be searched back to the days before the internet. For example, if you want to find a story from 1993, it is possible that you can do just that via certain Rochester newspaper websites. And if you want to, say, look up obituaries of people who have been deader than door nails for more than a decade, subscribers to Rochester newspaper may be able to do that, as well.

Despite the fact that the internet is more convenient in many ways than print Rochester newspapers, their death knell came prematurely, as Rochester newspapers proved themselves resilient and adaptable when faced with obsolescence. Actually, the fact that Rochester newspapers already had the brand recognition for which online publications continually strive, they were able to earn more readers than most online news publications. The only question is, how long will it be before Rochester newspapers adapt to the next immense technological challenge?

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