The Resiliency of Print Media


Rochester ny newspaper

After the advent of the internet, many believed that print was dead. After all, everything that was previously only available through print media was now offered online. While subscribers to Rochester newspapers undoubted declined as the in the years since the mid 1990s, Rochester NY newspapers still continue to thrive. Even though the internet offers an infinite number of free news publications, how many of those publications are high quality sources created by reliable persons or news organizations? While the internet is perhaps the most democratic resource ever, there are also many problems that it presents, as well.

Sure, it is nice to be able to post whatever you want, whenever you want, and make it available for the public to read; however, the free and open exchange of information over the internet is more akin to a free for all than legitimate news. Furthermore, even the more popular internet news website come across as gossip mills. In contrast, Rochester newspapers have been trusted for decades; and thus, one knows if a story is printed in a Rochester newspaper that it is reliable and legitimate news. While getting stuff for free is always fun, it always comes at a price. And when it comes to free online news, lower quality is the price that is paid. Even though Rochester newspapers may require a paid subscription, that price is usually minimal. And for such a low cost, one receives fresh, reliable news seven days a week. Furthermore, Rochester newspapers are also available over their companion websites. As such, one can have access to years of Rochester newspaper archives that would be impossible to obtain, other wise.

While the impact of the internet has certainly been immense, Rochester newspapers have proven resilient, as it has been able to adapt to the online way of life. In fact, it is plausible to claim that the Rochester newspapers have benefited from the internet. Not only does the low quality of much internet material highlight the high quality information and journalism of Rochester newspapers, but it has created a way for Rochester newspapers to improve how it delivers its information.

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